INGREDIENTS (for 4 Kabobs):

1/2-3/4 Red Onion

1/4 each red and green bell pepper

About 1 zucchini sliced

3-6 King oyster mushrooms sliced

1 plantain (optional)

For basting mix (measurements don’t matter here, season to taste and use for as many as needed)

Olive oil

Salt Pepper

Dried basil

Dried Sage


Slice veggies and assemble kabobs in desired order. Heat grill on a med-hi heat and grill until kabobs are cooked through. As the Kabobs cook, baste with oil and herb mix until coated and seasoned to taste. Slice plantain and grill until cooked through, baste with oil if desired. Once everything Is cooked, serve on a bed go green or rice and enjoy.